Who We Are

TKO Offshore Contractors, LLC is a corporation domiciled in Mobile, Alabama that was formed in 2012. The company and its subsidiaries provide a multitude of services for both land and offshore construction. Included are marine construction supervision, steel fabrication, oil rig repair, blasting, coatings and professional skilled labor staffing services.

TKO Offshore Contractors, LLC has a wholly owned Mexican subsidiary, TKO Offshore Contractors de Mexico S. de R.L. This subsidiary has offices in Veracruz and Cidudad del Carmin, Mexico. The company supplies welding supervisors, welders and steel fitters to offshore drilling companies in Mexico to perform repairs offshore on their drilling rigs. In addition, the company has compiled a large and highly qualified labor pool to include over 250 ABS certified welders. Our skilled labor combined with our production and safety oriented supervision can be delivered to shipyards throughout the Americas and the Caribbean.

In May of 2013, TKO International, Ltd. was formed to facilitate contracts throughout the Caribbean and more specifically our contract with The Grand Bahama Shipyard Limited ("GBSL"). This Company provides skilled welders and plate fitters who are vigorously tested and interviewed on an as needed basis to the GBSL.

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Customer Service

With years of industry experience, TKO’s bilingual management team serves as the primary contact for all clients, ensuring that senior-level attention is provided, and your project requirements and deadlines are understood and met.


Management’s deep understanding of the commercial, industrial & marine construction sectors makes it easy for customers to effectively communicate, and more importantly, receive the personnel they are looking for.


TKO takes pride in its employees, and therefore puts no price on the safety of its crew. TKO invests heavily in safety training and certifications for its employees, benefiting the future of that individual, while better serving TKO’s customer base.