• Provide skilled labor both on and offshore
  • Lump sum rig repair projects
  • Steel fabrication
  • Key side rig repair
  • Material procurement
  • Rental equipment
  • Marine Construction Supervision on and offshore
  • Welder certification testing facilities (all types)
  • Foreign labor agent
  • Visa Procurement
  • Logistics
  • Foreign labor recruiting

SERVICES – TKO Contractors 

As an experienced and trusted labor provider TKO is positioned to deploy a skilled force with swift and accurate measure to the Industrial and Commercial Construction industries – as well as the land based and offshore field. This accuracy assures project timetables are met while the level of skill and experience offers a tremendous advantage on and off site . . . in the U.S. and in Mexico.
Also, an experienced international fabrication subcontractor with operations facilities in both the US and Mexico, TKO Contractors’ services include custom fabrication, blasting and coatings from our facility and yard in Ciudad Del Carmen, Mexico.  Learn more about who we are HERE.